Amongst the many dilemmas an artist faces today, is yet another one – regarding how many performances to accept in a month. My personal predicament came when I was suddenly bombarded with performances, and found myself hesitating. Was I mad to even consider turning down a performance within a week? Just because I had another one coming up that I had committed to a few months ago? But then again, I was thinking about this next performance, and how the rehearsals for the performance I eventually turned down would eat into rehearsal time for the next one. Luckily that performance didn’t work out for the organisers as well. So I didn’t have to worry. 
Worry? I know some would say that is being arrogant. Worry about too many performances? Who did I think I was? How could I even dare to enter the league where I had too many performances to handle?
But I don’t think I really care about all that. I want to perform, as often as I can. Often enough to stay afloat. BUT not so often that I’m doing a lot of performances badly. I’d rather do fewer performances well.
It is a complex issue, really. Because less performances means less income, less livelihood, less exposure. But is income all there is to performing? Is a lot of bad exposure better than a little good exposure?
I’ve had my experiences with that, to be honest. Performing prematurely, without enough training – I did that once with Kalaripayattu, and regret it. I will only perform it ever again once I’ve trained further, and deeper, in it. That’s really ok for me. I perform it less, but I’ll understand it better. So that when I do perform it again, I won’t be injured, I won’t feel like I did it in a rush, or that I did it merely for exposure, experience and to sustain a livelihood. Don’t get me wrong. These things are important in today’s world. Enough of my writing has testified to this fact. But I don’t think I ever want to do it at the cost of quality and hard work.
I think the point I’m trying to highlight here, the conclusion that I have come to, is that sometimes less is more, because you gain more from less performances if you spend that non-performance time working hard towards the fewer times you do get to perform.

Essentially..perhaps less is more, because sometimes you gain more from less than you do from more.