Post-script: I know that by writing this post, I run the risk of offending some people, or certainly sending them into a defensive state. Just to be clear, I’m not saying all the dance that’s going around is bad. I’m just saying there’s enough bad dance going around for me to throw these questions out into the void. So here goes.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I walk out of a dance performance feeling dejected, depressed and demoralized. There is too much mediocrity around! At least that’s what I feel. I see flaky fluttering around the stage being applauded much too often. Where’s the strength and depth that I thought was indispensable to dance? But then again, this dancing that I call ‘jelly dancing’ (its like watching flabby jelly blobbing around on stage) is everywhere. There must be a reason for why its around. I wondered whether it is my fault – whether I am prejudiced about this jelly dance. Or whether the standards for measuring good dance have simply changed. 

I just want to throw a few questions out, in the hope that I will have at least highlighted these questions in case they have slipped to the back of our minds, in case there’s a chance we’ll reflect on these questions and think about what the possible answers are – How do we evaluate good and bad dance? Is it the appearance of the dancer? Could it be the ‘fair and lovely’ syndrome? Or how fat or thin he or she is? How big her eyes are, or how crisp his smile is? Or is it how well-connected he or she is? Is it how agile he or she is? Do bends and stretches matter anymore? Do we really see leaps in dance anymore? Is abhinaya too literal now-a-days? Do we care how the dancer holds his or her mudras or sits in aramandi/mandala position? 
How are we judging dance?