In case of maintenance problems, roommates or personal concerns they may encounter, students are invited to go to their general manager or resident. These questions are then managed by the Office for a correct solution. With respect to maintenance issues, the Office of Residence Life links the physical facility on behalf of the student by reporting and tracking all maintenance issues. With regard to roommate issues, students can only request a change of room after discussions with the relevant staff of the residence. Forms can be retrieved from the Office of Residence Life, but require the signature of your resident director. Townhouses give upper-class leaders the opportunity to stay in each unit with up to three roommates. You will be informed by email of your room and roommate order until the first week of August. A guide to deciding how to choose a roommate and the pros and cons of random selection versus rooming with someone you already know. He`s your best friend, but you should live? Perhaps you have a friend, cousin or someone you are connected with online, who is also on your way to […] You are participating in one of the most rewarding life and learning experiences life has to offer. At McMaster, we want to make sure your stay with us is the best stay possible! To do this, the following information should help you and your new roommates to start this phase positively in your life. This article will explain some techniques to combat roommate conflicts and explain why roommate agreements are so important. Living with a roommate in the residence can be an amazing bonding experience, but it can also lead to drama if problems are not resolved. If you fight with your roommate, not […] The Office of Residence Life is located in the student services section of the Hoover-Price Campus Center.

This office is responsible for assigning all dormitories and roommates on campus and overseeing the operational aspect of each residence and house on campus. It is also the office where a student would go if he lost his room (or campus house) key. Students can also use this system to search for a roommate or make a special roommate application after you and your roommate have completed the form. To do this, click on “Space Selection” above, then select “Roommates/ Suitemates” from the drop-down menu. If you know who you already want to live with, you can search for them in “Simple Search for Roommates.” You can also use “Advanced Roommate Search” and search for other people who have filled out the form with similar answers.