. . NOTE Both parents participate in and care for children. Under federal child support guidelines, children must live with each parent at least 40 per cent of the period. The term “youth1″ may also designate young people collectively. . NOTE The party receiving some income or asset, for self and/or others. . NOTE There are several children and each parent has sole custody of at least one of them.

ANT country of origin; country source; sending country Adjustment of fishing opportunities in the joint agreement NOTE The assumption of the office and duty of being a parent; includes motherhood and fatherhood. Note that you will assume the obligations and duties of the parent. The web addresses below are provided only as a reference. Over time, links would no longer be able to work because of changes or updates to the websites to which they refer. . This agreement may be amended by mutual agreement. NOTE The relationship between a parent – a parent – and a particular child. The terms of the loan are presented in the English and French texts. The English terms are presented in English in the French texts. .

ANT permanent pupil of the company, permanent ward of the company The link with the analysis files for the standardization of all the terms that are the subject of this lexicon is at the beginning of each letter of the lexicon. . NOTE Both parents are involved in decision-making about the children and share in their on-going care. According to the Federal Child Support Guidelines, the children must live at least 40% of the time with each parent. NOTE The relationship of a parent to a certain child; Includes maternity and paternity. . See also views of the child report; voice of the child assessment; voice of the child report. The analysis documents on which the Standards Committee for the Standardization of French Correspondence was based can be found on the CTTJ website. Navigation menu to visit the different terms of the Lexum that are arranged in alphabetical order.

NOTE Non-marital cohabitation after the dissolution of a marriage. NOTE The party who receives income or receives property, for itself or for others. . NOTE Refers to consortium from an individual perspective. Standardized terms analysis records that are posted on the CTTJ website. . The Standards Committee would like to express its thanks to the members of the user committee for their comments. The law centres` contribution to this project was made possible with support from the Canadian Department of Justice through the Access to Justice Fund in both official languages. Concerted review of fishing opportunities NOTA The term “treuhand” can be used if it is clear that the trustee also has title to the property it manages.

. If youth1 is used together, we can make it with “young” or “youth.”