Aranyani currently conducts Bharatanatyam classes for beginners (children) at her residence in Frazer Town. These classes take place on Mondays and wednesdays at 5pm.

Aranyani also conducts classes for adult beginners on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9.15am.

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“My daughter is 8 years old and has been learning Bharatnatyam from Aranyani for the past 4-5 months. She has picked up so much in so little time is amazing. She had never been enthusiastic about a dance class and we have never lasted more than a month in a few other dance classes that she has attended in the past. But this one is different. She looks forward to going to this class. And why not? Aranyani is a fantastic teacher, so patient with kids and what I like is she doesn’t just make them learn the steps or mudras but explains the meaning behind it. She gives a lot of personal attention to each child and seeks perfection in each step they learn.”

- Aanchal Manglik


Aranyani conducts Bharatanatyam classes for children at the Alarippu level and beyond at her residence in Frazer Town. These classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4.30pm.

Aranyani also conducts classes for Bharatanatyam dancers who are already trained but wish to build on their repertoire and perfect their technique. These classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7pm or early mornings on weekdays.

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“Our 7 year old daughter had tried a few different dance classes. Each time she quickly became bored and never stuck with the class for more than a few months. When she entered Aranyani’s Bharatanatyam class she reacted differently. She stayed with the class out of her own interest. She looked forward to her dance classes with Aranyani week after week, month after month. She practiced mudras while playing with her dolls and adavus while waiting for the school bus. She became so comfortable with the dance she integrated it into her everyday rhythm and movements. Aranyani engaged our daughter with respect and through playfulness. She understands how to connect to children while upholding a high standard of discipline and technique. Aranyani clearly has impeccable knowledge of her craft. As impressive is her ability to tune in to each student and bring their confidence to the surface. We truly enjoy every moment in her class. She is a wonderful person and a teacher full of integrity and creativity.”

– Nora Kropp


Aranyani currently teaches private classes at student’s homes in the vicinity of her residence in Frazer Town. These classes can be for beginners or intermediate level students who wish for concentrated training on a one-on-one basis. Students who wish to have classes at their homes can contact Aranyani, if their homes are in the following areas of Bangalore – Frazer Town, Cox Town, Cooke Town, Benson Town, Jaymahal Extension. These classes have a different fee structure to the group classes.

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