If, under paragraph 1, a person other than a person resides in the two contracting states, the competent authorities of the contracting states endeavour to determine by mutual agreement the State party whose residence is determined by that person for the purposes of this Convention with respect to his actual place of management, the place where he is registered or otherwise justified, as well as other relevant factors. In the absence of such an agreement, that person is not entitled to an exemption or exemption under this Convention, unless the competent authorities of the contracting states exempt any such exemption. The 1986 double taxation (China) decision (RS 1986/314) was revoked on the date covered by Article 28, paragraph 1 of the agreement, on the effective date of the agreement. All DBAs include the POP as a low-cost dispute resolution mechanism. As a general rule, the POP only provides for the relevant authorities to work to resolve the problem. However, some POPs provisions are supplemented by arbitration provisions to eliminate cases where the relevant authorities are unable to reach an agreement. www.parliament.nz/en/pb/sc/reports/document/SCR_89652/international-treaty-examination-of-the-agreement-between “The double taxation agreement with Hong Kong is one of 40 such tax treaties with our major trading and investment partners,” Nash said. “They promote the growth of economic relations by reducing tax barriers to cross-border trade and cross-border investment.” In China, double taxation is abolished as follows, in accordance with the provisions of Chinese law: “Under this AIA initiative, New Zealand financial institutions must check their accounts and compile information that will then be declared within the country. The updated double taxation agreement will allow for the first automatic exchange of information between New Zealand and Hong Kong until 30 September 2018. The parties to the agreement inform each other in writing, through the diplomatic channel, of the conclusion of their constitutional and legal procedures for the entry into force of the agreement. The effective date of the convention is taxpolicy.ird.govt.nz/tax-treaties/china In New Zealand, double taxation is abolished as follows: Article 13, paragraph 6, of the DBA was introduced to avoid double taxation of capital gains on outgoing residents.