I want people to think about how to increase their climate activism. Not as an individual, but in concert with others, in a way that will awaken more people to the emergency and focusing on the change of policy, the change of power, the choice of courageous people who are not afraid of courageous acts in the face of this crisis. The same nations that are asking us to maintain the agreement are the countries that have cost the United States billions of dollars through hard trade practices and, in many cases, lax contributions to our critical military alliance. You see what`s going on. It`s pretty obvious to those who want to keep an open mind. Here are 10 quotes we hear on the first day of the climate summit: at the Paris climate talks, many heads of state have publicly said their thoughts on climate change and what we, as a planet, need to do to stop its rapid progress, and there have been many explanations that have led us to stop and think about the meeting. If the obstructionists want to end up with me, let`s make them non-obstructionists. We`re all going to sit down together, and we`re going to get back to the deal. And we will do it well, and we will not close our factories, and we will not lose our jobs. And we will meet with the Democrats and all the people who represent either the Paris agreement or something we can do, much better than the Paris agreement.

And I think the people of our country will be delighted, and I think the people of the world will be delighted. But until we did, we came out of the agreement. We have laid the groundwork. The world has come together around an agreement that will allow us to find a new path for our planet, an intelligent and responsible path, a sustainable path. You promised to put America at the forefront of everything you do, and you did it in different ways, from trade to national security, to protecting our borders, to the rights of Washington, D.C. And today, you put America first in terms of international agreements and the environment. There are also serious legal and constitutional issues. Foreign leaders in Europe, Asia and around the world should have no more to say about the U.S.

economy than our own citizens and their elected representatives. That is why our withdrawal from the agreement is a reaffirmation of American sovereignty. (Applause) Our constitution is unique among all the nations of the world, and it is my supreme commitment and the greatest honor to protect them. And I will. Today`s agreement undoubtedly shows that we can move forward together to address the most important challenges we face and to avoid tragedies for the millions of people affected by the effects of climate change and to ensure the economic prosperity of the world in the 21st century.