Webinar agreements can cover a number of details, but it is not uncommon for these agreements to be well structured, easily understandable and relatively short. As a general rule, a Webinar agreement is addressed or included: 4. A copyright or intellectual property rights clause that specifies that webinar presentations and all related content, such as “handouts” (z.B. digital downloads), are and will remain the only intellectual property protected by the copyright of the webinar organizer. In some cases, the moderator also obtains a limited license for the use of webinar records. The client wants to use the provider`s services to provide webinar services for the one-hour recorded topic streams of seminars available for 12 months from the date of the first online publication. By accepting the services, the customer agrees to either be bound by the terms and conditions of your subscription agreement with the provider, or, if you have purchased a single webinar, the terms contained in that agreement (the “contract”). Well-written and structured webinar agreements help both promoters and speakers stage a webinar by providing clear and concise guidance on what each page expects to emerge from the experience and technical policies of staging the Webinar presentation. 5.4 It is an explicit clause of this agreement that the customer informs the supplier of the number of authorized users who must access the Webbinaires event and Webbinaires materials. Fees depend on the number of users allowed.

If the number changes, the customer must notify the supplier immediately and pay the supplier the additional amount owed. In the event that the customer does not inform the supplier of the exact number of authorized users, the supplier is entitled to consider such a breach as a substantial breach of contract and to immediately terminate that contract and to sue the customer for any direct and subsequent damages suffered by the supplier resulting from the breach suffered by the customer, including the supplier`s legal fees. On the other hand, individual authorized users send a separate email with webinars@lexisnexis.co.uk requirements to process the order. 5.5 The provider provides the customer with a username and password to access the Webinar event via www.lexiswebinars.co.uk by confirming the customer`s order. If the customer has ordered a Webinar event for multiple users, it is the customer`s responsibility to distribute usernames and passwords to other authorized users within their organization.