There are always expressions such as reach an agreement, which means “agreement”. The word “agreement” is the name. The theme is as follows: In Spanish we use the chord, but in English Agree is a verb and does not use help. If you don`t see the video, click here: Do you agree with me? The expressions I disagree and don`t agree are essentially the same. Otherwise, these are sentences of simple presence like the others: the question is asked with do / does and deny by don`t / doesn`t. Today, he tackles a similar topic: verbal verb verbs and disaggregated verbs that agree or disagree in Spanish. The phrase I am agree with you does not exist and has never existed! This is a very common mistake, but also very easy to avoid. Common short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, look carefully at this sentence! Memorízala! Close your eyes and look at it! Be especially attentive to the absence of the verb that is not because it is not there and period. Search results: 61. Exactly: 61. Response time: 186 ms.

If you know the essentials, there is the second volume, Basic English 2, which takes you to the pre-intermediate level. As always, some of what I earn goes to solidarity, because I like to contribute to the good things when I can. . Yesterday we saw the different expressions with be and have that are not translated directly between English and Spanish. To learn English from a beginner level, there is no better method than the English base available on Apple`s, and iBooks, in addition to my other side,….