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Improv fright – II

Pre-script: Please do read ‘Improv fright – I’ below before reading this post.At […]

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Improv fright – I

When I was first exposed to ‘improv’, I was absolutely petrified. Coming from […]

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A rolling stone that gathers moss – the full interview

A story about me came out in the New Indian Express. This is […]

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Dance education in schools

Post-script – Recently, I had given my opinion on dance education to Ranjana […]

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Beyond Bhakti

It was actually a sanskrit scholar at the Abhinavagupta conference in Shimla who […]

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I recently returned from Shimla’s Indian Institute for Advanced Study, where I was […]

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The historical importance of Bharatanatyam and its name

When Bharatanatyam is learnt, many dancers eventually see themselves as carriers of an […]

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More or Less

Amongst the many dilemmas an artist faces today, is yet another one – […]

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The Interdependent Artists of India

‘Pratyayin’ is a community that I’m quite excited about. I thought up this […]

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The Good,the Bad and the Ugly

Post-script: I know that by writing this post, I run the risk of […]

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