Reviews & Recommendations

“…Ms Bhargav’s performance represented the classical indian dance in its purest art form was deeply appreciated by the large audience…” – Mr. Ankan Bannerjee, Counsellor (EU, PICE), Embassy of India, Brussels, Belgium, August 2015

“…It was truly a pleasure to watch Ms Bhargav perform. Her lithe body movements combined with impressive facial expressions complimented her arresting choreographed dance steps and interactive presentation commendably, fetching her rave reviews from an appreciative and house full audience…” – Ms. Manjistha Mukherjee Bhatt, Director, The Tagore Centre, Berlin, Germany, July 2015

“…has imbibed her guru’s stylish body language…Aranyani’s nritta is so neat and well-executed, it merits only superlatives….We look forward to much more from Aranyani” – The Hindu, Chennai, 31 January 2014

“A beautiful evening. One of the most exquisite performances I’ve seen in a long time.” – Girish Karnad, Actor, Playwright and Director, Bangalore, October 2013

“Aranyani’s performance in Pondicherry was amazing! While her Kalakshetra-Leela Samson training in classical Bharatanatyam is evident she brings her own creativity, for instance in the Tillana where her footwork was slower and the mudras more detailed than what one is used to. This was remarkable. Her abhinaya sticks to the great tradition of this dance form, very often neglected nowadays! In short it was a mesmerising performance which we all watched with great concentration lest we missed one wink of her eyes or one gesture of her hands!” – Francis Wacziarg, Founder, The Neemrana Music Foundation, April 2012

“Some dancers are good, some very good, some excellent…but others are exciting… they leave you wanting more when the recital has ended…they send out an energy that is refreshing and new, like a fragrance that has never been perceived before – that’s Aranyani. I recall the privilege of seeing her performance in Delhi…days later I could still remember every nuance of expression and the poised geometry and the unbroken flux…and I know that she is one of the best…” – Donovan Roebert, Dance enthusiast, Painter and Author of ‘The Odissi Girl’ (a book about Indian dance), South Africa, February 2012

“…a connoisseur’s delight…the traditional grace of the Kalakshetra style as envisioned by Rukmini Devi was amply visible…” – The Hindu, Calcutta, December 2011

“Enchanting performance…epitomised grace and versatility…” – Hindustan Times, Punjab, November 2010

“Watching Aranyani’s Bharatanatyam is like being in a Hindu temple and suddenly seeing one of the sculptures come exquisitely to life.  You are carried back through the centuries and into the great Indian epic tales. Magical.” – Andrew Graham, Master of Balliol College, University of Oxford, 2009

“Aranyani Bhargav is an extraordinary artist who deploys the subtle and evocative language of Indian classical dance with tremendous grace.  Watching her is an exceptional experience of beauty and of insight into a cultural world of great antiquity and depth.” – Charles Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, McGill University, Canada, 2009

“..a beautiful dancer who has the potential to become a very special choreographer..” – Bertha Bermudez, Emio-Graeco Dance Company, Amsterdam, 2008

“A scintillating performance…her career is marked in stone” – Shabana Azmi, Actor, 2007

“..a dancer who recognises the importance of technique and creative collaboration… demonstates an instinctive understanding of the creative process… Aranyani’s choreography is expressive and demonstrates a high level of maturity.. I highly recommend her and support her future endeavours completely..” – Jennifer Blake, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, UK, 2006

“a rising young star of Indian classical dance” – Mira Kaushik, Director, Akademi for South Asian Dance, UK, 2006

“Unadulterated Kalakshetra..teermanams flawlessly executed” – Leela Venkataraman, New Delhi, 2004

“…languorous movements contrasted nimble-footed Aranyani’s impressive range in expressive Abhinaya” – Mid-Day Newspaper Review, 2002