The Hindu/Footloose/Ancient Dance, Modern World

The ‘ancient’ nature of Indian classical dance – specifically in terms of its […]

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The Hindu/Footloose/From Love to Bhakti

The term ‘sringara’ in dance has had many meanings, definitions and connotations over […]

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The Hindu/Footloose/ In thought and Emotion

Must Indian dance choose between ‘secular’ and religious?My previous article argued that Indian […]

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The Hindu/Footloose/ Indian Dance: Secular and Religious

The relationship between Religion and Secularism is a complex one. Attached to both […]

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The Hindu/Footloose/ Speaking of Shiva

During Mahashivaratri this year, social networking websites were flooded with dancers hailing it […]

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For the Hindu/Friday review/Stretching beyond Idea

Dance has been broadly defined as movements of the body, a form of […]

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From the Hindu/Column: Footloose/ What’s in a name?

When it comes to explaining what dance is, several definitions are available. It […]

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The ‘Western’ gaze – my response to Donovan Roebert

During a post-performance discussion, I was asked by a member of the audience […]

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Indian Dance and the ‘Western’ Rasika by Donovan Roebert

‘It is always the westerner who keeps harping on our glorious tradition. That […]

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Judging Dance

Pre-script: This article talks about the general trend noticed, but I would like […]

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